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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Flew from SG this morning, and will be flying back to JB on Friday night.

It's a short trip, but will have to get lots of things done.

Nonetheless, i still plan to go shopping tomorrow. Hope can knock off on time tomorrow.


so nice can go shopping. i worked 15 hours today, slightly more than average. just back home 1 hour ago. argh, issues after issues keep popping out that sometimes i want to snap my boss "this is it, i quit...". no no, i can't do this, that's just running away from problem.

sorry for ranting at your cogitation :|

Well, if there's any consolation, i'm also STILL working now, in the hotel room.

And ironically, i had the very same feeling too recently, i.e. to just give my boss that white envelope.

Moral of the story - working life sucks.

haha, that's not a moral to begin with :). anyway, don't push yourself so hard and get yourself a good rest so you're recharged and fresh for tomorrow day (and reset from all miseries on the day before, i should put note on this myself too).

funny, sometimes it's easy to give advice to others and yet does not follow it ourselves.

http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/9433/comic22.jpg - don't let your boss see this .. :)

stay strong. don't let the vulnerable side to seize you. to find a job 100% fit is difficult, especially in dog-eat-dog society. at least you got friendly colleagues and team. if you unhappy and frustrated, rant it on your blog-lor, or other channel rather than accumulate the toxic. better stop now otherwise further aggravating the case.


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