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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Some pictures and comics

Here are two pictures i downloaded from Sui's photos posted on FB:

Seafood we had during our Desaru trip - black pepper crabs and salted egg crabs

The home-cooked Japanese + Chinese + Malaysian food at Siang's place last weekend

Both pictures are mouth-watering... yummy.

And here's a picture of a dinner i had with my colleague in KL last week:

Paddington House of Pancakes @ Mid Valley - the food was nice. I will sure patronise it again.

The latest comics that angel drew were very funny. I'm sure my friends would love it.

(Amazingly, angel has almost portrayed what had actually happened. When i first realised i had forgotten my glasses, i couldn't believe it. I kept searching high-and-low for it and nagging about it non-stop, until my friends also couldn't tahan my "drama" anymore...)

(The last column of throwing a durian at the dog is so funny... erm, and does using filled bottles really work? Haha.)


yummilicious. too bad it's can see but no touch.

hmm, it's embarrassing that i have to delay this long to release the strip and distort the "real" "actual" event (i 100% sure i'm not fit to be a journalist) , and my poor english vocabulary kind of hinder the flow. and my bad that i don't have great story telling skills like you too. nevertheless, to borrow your quote but a little modification - the most important thing is that i got to lighten you up and that would have even off all the embarrassment off. haha.


oh, by the way, sleep early and time passes faster :).

"...until my friends also couldn't tahan my "drama" anymore.." => wah, how could your friend treat you like that? they should console you mah. being shortsighted and without glasses already 惨 already.
well, here's another piece - http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/6528/gathering3.jpg

hope you enjoy the gathering during your long weekend. don't say life's pathetic, it applies to all others' working life too - go back, watch tv and sleep and work again tomorrow. perhaps you should find yourself an interest - photography (no i don't want to preach about dslr again) ?

to pinpin's (closest) friends, stop bullying her :)

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