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Monday, August 16, 2010

Random updates

Since Siang has returned to Japan, it was back to ordinary weekend. Did nothing much over the weekend really.

Here's what Angel did to the portrait of me drawn by Siang's little gal. I'm amazed at how she made it into such nice colored graphic.

Oh, just a note that i broke my own record last Thursday for leaving the office at almost 11pm.

I ought to be sleeping now. It's gonna be another hectic week ahead.


don't push yourself so hard, health is very important (though money is also important but if you become sick, how are you going to spend the money happily). sleep sleep and recharged yourself, you cannot always sleep 4-5 hours everyday :o. maybe you want to give your best at work to prove yourself, but if you are over the limit and fell sick, that would be really silly. by the way, all the best (but don't overwork) your week ahead!

about the drawing, omg, i think i mistakenly drew 林 and not 彬. it's embarrassing that i commit such "serious" error, given you mentioned before you loathed being addressed 林林. oh no...

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