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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the cab

It's Monday, and I wore blue to work - both the shirt and my mood.

On my way back now. Left office at around 10.40pm. Hmm, this does not seem to be a good start to a new week.

I'm exhausted due to prolonged lacking of sleep. It's gonna be late to bed again tonight.


eh, you still need to work at home AGAIN? why don't you pack up early and continue your work at home, at least you could listen to FM/radio whilst working.

i worked until 11:00pm last friday too, and i'm stuck at not knowing how to solve the technical issue and also got the project way behind schedule. sometimes i want to tell my boss point blank i already hit my limit (i frequently nagged loudly of my predicament) but ... sigh, just to share my work life indeed is no better...

you just do your best-lor, but don't work until fell sick, though MC aka free leave is good, but it's not worth to sacrifice your health just for this-lor.

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