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Monday, August 23, 2010

The past week

It can all be summed up with just two words actually - "late nights".

Uh huh, i was working late from Monday to Thursday. Left office later than 10pm, and went to bed not earlier than 1am. Had less than 5 hours of sleep everyday, and hence was so exhausted that i didn't feel like writing anything at all.

I did have a bit of rest over the weekend, even though still not enough to recharge myself fully. In fact, i didn't sleep well at all last night. Was having strange dreams and kept waking up several times. I was so tired this morning that i actually dozed off during the sermon! That's really bad.

It's gonna be a new week again. Sigh, weekends pass by too quickly. That stupid piece of assignment was still not done yet, and it's gonna be a hectic week again.

However, i've told myself that i'm NOT gonna stay back so late in the office anymore. Have been feeling very down recently, and i'm quite sure the stress at work and over-tiring myself contribute to my depression. So from now on, i'll stay in the office not later than 8pm.

Let's hope i can indeed do that.


Haha! My New Year Resolution for 2010 is "NO OVERTIME, and have more than for my personal life".
Now already Aug, and seem like I'd failed this resolution.
I hope you can really fulfill ur wish of "Not staying in the office later than 8p.m."
But I hope u won't staying late at home to work till midnight too.
Take Care.


don't sleep so late and blog at midnights. it doesn't do good to your health. i know i said "before do the best in work", "show what you are made of", etc etc, but sometimes it's impossible to really one person does all when you have hit the limit. you might think work/job is all you have now .... sigh, right now i also cannot think properly, couple with my poor linguistic skill and write whatever sycophantic words but that seems not much of effect to console you. the thing you need to know is there are still so many care for you, may it be strangers like me, your colleagues even your big boss, and your closest friend like Sui and LF. so please don't continue to hurt yourself. be positive.

sigh, i hope and wish sincerely there are good people, newcomers to share your workload hence reduce your stress and depression.

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