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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the cab

This is definitely not a good start for a new week. Despite having said that I want to leave office by 8pm, I failed to do so and still left at around 10pm.

Then probably because of the rain (even though it had stopped), there seemed to be lesser vacant cabs on the road and I gotta resort to calling one.

Oh wait, probably it wasn't because of the weather; it's maybe due to the Chinese superstition of the ghost month. I saw people burning offerings to what the Chinese would refer to as the "good brothers" by the roadsides. Seriously, I've never liked this culture. I can never understand the rationale behind all these burning rituals - people died, you burn things; to make offerings to the deities, you burn things; to make offerings to the ghosts, you burn things; to get protection from evil, you also burn things (and drink it somemore). So basically, it's all the same for human, ghosts or the dieties. I really don't get it.

But never mind that. The cab driver is now driving like a F1 racer on the KPE. He doesn't even slow down at the turns. I guess I should be reaching very soon, in one piece hopefully.

I should think about what to have for dinner.


frankly, i also never understand why our culture to have burning things/papers to appease deities and ghosts. it's not i want to look down or ridicule 1000yrs practice that has been passed down to us, occasionally i have thought the papers could be even more useful if it is used to make books instead. moreover, burning contributes polution especially when it ignites a large paper deity and creates bonfire and the smoke produced is choking the area. not to offend some devotees, we learned of zimbabwe economy that the more supply of money, the smaller the value it carries. the thing we have the "banknotes" in "trillion", "zillion", and if burning actually converts them into money in netherworld , it would be hyperinflation and makes no value at all. imagine we bring angmoh friend, it will be a joke as if we don't understand economics at all, don't understand principle of equivalent trade.

but then, there're many such X -files reported, and handsome Utt is hosting "incredible tales". whether there's iota of truth in such practice or not, nevertheless we just respect it as part of cultural fabric-lor. and it generates economy of such industry too ... about me, well, i'm just too lazy to participate such event and rather tune in radio to listen ghost story from dj instead.

you really always think the worst only (your "one piece" comment is very very uncalled for-lor). hmm, since this week is your hectic week you should sleep early otherwise you'd doze off in work, and if not in cab ....

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