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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mistake rectified

Ok, so the thing about making a mistake is that you gotta rectify it. And that was precisely what i did for my mistake on the farewell card.

Here's my not-so-artistic rectification that was being ridiculed:

Seriously, do not ask me what that shape was supposed to be. (No, it's not a Cola bottle or what!) I was just trying to outline the white-out area and it came out to be like this.

Anyway, i've then again rectified it with a sticker, and it looked a lot better.

Ex-little boss asked me why i liked drawing the lines with the pink highlighter, which made the thing really ugly. I told him that it wasn't that i liked it, but the sticker wasn't big enough to cover the original lines and hence i gotta draw it again.

Oh well, let's just hope that lady would not peel off the sticker and see what's beneath it.

Here's the comics version of the incident drawn by Angel. I had a good laugh after seeing it. It's amazing how she always managed to depict the incidents i relate on my blog so closely to the real stories!


hey, you should go to sleep and not lingering at this later hour.

go to sleep, otherwise you're not recharged and force to stay after 8 again :(.

To add, OMG, how could you doze off during sermon? what would the pastor think?! you could have given the impression that his service must be boring. not good, not good.

indeed, you must have discipline when it comes to bedtime. stop blogging > 12am, it's good for your health.

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