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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sad news from Philippines

I'm very sure lots of bloggers are writing or have already written about the tragic new from Philippines. I am gonna do my share as well.

So i saw a few video clips of the tragic event and was totally appalled by how the entire situation was handled, especially on the part when the SWAT team was trying to... erm... seriously, i do not know what they were doing at all. The thing is that from the look of it, they appeared to be clueless as well!

Everything just seems so wrong. I would wanna say the SWAT team looked like a joke, but then this is no laughing matter, and there's nothing funny at all when lives were lost. Indeed, life is unpredictable and no one could have known that the tourists would be held hostages just the day before they were gonna return home. Yet, what we have here is a situation that would not have happened if it wasn't for the mishandling of the situation. Here's an article on BBC News with expert pointing out what the SWAT team did wrongly that resulted in such tragedy.

But then again, there is no what-if in life and what happened had already happened. All i want to say now is that my heart goes out to the families of the victims. May God grants all the lost souls eternal rest of peace.

As a side note, big boss called me this afternoon and told me that we are facing a minor situation in our Philippines office that may require people to go over there. I then asked him who would wanna go there now after the piece of headline news on the killed hostages. I reminded him that the families of our staff would definitely be worried and unwilling for them to travel to Philippines now. For instance, i told him, i'm very sure my mom would oppose to it if i were to go there. Yet, boss said if the work really requires so, then sometimes we have no choice.

I seriously did not agree with such assertion, but then i kept quiet about it. No point in saying anything more since it was not confirmed yet. Let's see how it goes in the end.


my condolence to who lost their love ones in this unfortunate tragedy. sad news. reminds me of mumbai attack not very long ago where it involved an unfortunate singaporean when she's at the wrong place and wrong time. it's undeniable that incompetence exists in security force everywhere whether it's in Munich (1972), Beslan (2004), Mumbai (2008), and shootings at schools in US/Finland. even if it's at home be it kl, jb, sg, thailand, aussie, US, if tragedy strikes there's nothing much we lesser people can do but to be at mercy from Providence.

not to sound political prejudice, indonesia currently is "unsafe" for malaysians to travel. blunders were condemned, nation was humiliated, i guess the philippines security force will reflect and beef up their responsibility for this period of time. let's just hope everything turns out to be fine and it's unnecessary for you and your colleagues to travel there.

by the way, the network technology is so advance that i wonder if we really need to be physically on site when we can do vpn/remote access and teleconference. is it possible to have workaround on this? just to provide a suggestion to people who adverse of travelling.....

it's always very difficult to avoid this kind of dilemma when always need to travel.
Not only man-made disaster,there are also natural disaster, and also disease & etc which is unpredictable.
Just hope your company can really consider seriusly is it really MUST let the employees bear this kind of risk. Let's pray.

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