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Monday, September 06, 2010

Prince charming

Was watching a video clip posted on the FB by a friend, and then one clip led to another, i ended up checking the bio of superstar Wang Leehom.

Well, all i can say is that he is indeed a perfect man - handsome, talented, great personality, intelligent, impressive family background and highly educated.

Alright, alright, i know this is his image and reputation as a celebrity. We will not really know whether he is indeed so in real person.

I would be very interested to see what kind of girl he will marry. She gotta to be equally perfect, or at least in terms of musical talent, to be the perfect match for him. After all, prince charming gotta marry a princess and live happily ever after, just so that we can still believe that fairy tales do exist in real life.

(Ok, in case you are wondering, i do NOT idolise him. I do like him for his looks and talent, and that goes without saying - which lady would not like such an eye candy. But i've already past the age of dreaming for a prince charming, and way too weary about the thing called love and the creature called man.)


haha, i came across a blogger who swooned over daniel wu. too bad he is married already... you take care of yourself, stay healthy and pretty (so rid the panda eyes). oops, missed the last line - but then you don't need love as reason to be pretty lor :o

I also wonder.
But so far, the "princess" (rumour) is a bit dissapointed oh!

Well, Daniel Wu is a hunk too, but i found him too "mascular" and "sexy".

Indeed, Leehom has had quite a number of rumoured girlfriends, and all were quite disappointing in a way - all not up to the "princess" criteria that could match with this prince. Many said the latest rumoured one does match him (they said 郎才女貌), but i do not really think so. I'm probably bias anyway - first of all, i've never thought of that girl as pretty at all (even when she played the role of 小龙女, i also feel it's so-so only). And secondly, she's China woman. I hope he will be with someone NOT from China, but looking at the trend in the entertainment scene now, i would not be surprised if he eventually ends up with one...

oh my oh my, your "standard" is really very high to par with the prince. recently the prince made his directorial debut on a movie which quite resembles his life, and fall in love with a special girl .... oh wait, ok now i know .....

there's nothing to jealous-lor about the princess whoever it will be. he's a superstar, we're nobody, wait, correction here - at least you are a blogger, and i'm nobody of nobody, an ant .... entertainment industry is very complicated one, celebrity life is scrutinized and gossiped. it's very hard to live happily like that lor, even shrek claimed to be live happily ever after, but there's still #2, #3 (aiyaya, what am i bubbling here).... if the prince announced retirement for the sake of love, i'm sure gonna miss his talent, and his celcom ads....

Jealous? Haha, no lah. As i said, i'm not little girl who dream of such prince charming... and he isn't my idol either (i do not actually follow his news or listen to his songs. I only googled for his news yesterday after watching the MV of his new movie). I was actually merely gossiping. ;)

I'd hope to see the princess to be someone with amazing musical talent too. And when i said that i do not consider the newly rumoured pricess as pretty, i've already thought so before this rumour (when i watched her as 小龙女 in the drama series). Probably i have strange taste, as i know the whole world thinks that she is beautiful.

Anyway, who he will be with in the end is really none of my business; not as if i know him or what... And i do have a little suspicion of whether or not he is indeed THAT perfect in real life. It may just be an image his company has built up for him.

oh ... my bad.... actually i don't listen much of his songs either, to think think of it, i can't even name the songs he sang except the new one that played with traditional instruments. but then i must salute him, he's one of the singer/artiste (maybe the only one i know, haha) with perfect SAT score. don't play play :)

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