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Friday, September 03, 2010

No eating

On the cab to the branch office now. Having meeting and demo there.

Everytime I need to go there, I'll have my breakfast in the cab, which is just two slices of bread and will not dirty the car. I'd always ask the driver for permission first before eating because it is supposed to be no foods and drinks in the car.

Just now I did the same, asked the cab driver if he minds I eat the bread in the car, and he refused and said it is not allowed. This is actually the first time i came across a cab driver who realy follows the rule strictly.

Oh well, then I guess I'll just have to take my breakfast later after I reach the branch office. Just hope that I'll still have time to do so, as the meeting starts at 9am.


oh my, don't tell you gave demo with empty stomach growling (it's even scary to imagine if you fainted due to over starving) ... so unlucky you met a strict cab driver. but then since it's just only 2 slices of roti, i guess you could finish it in 2-3 gulps when walking to the meeting room lor.

anyway, today is FRIDAY! cheers.

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