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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Well, if you are wondering, i did not cry yesterday... at least not until it passed 12am.

Early in the morning, i received email and sms from LF, asking me if i wanna go catch a movie together since she was coming into SG for her project work. I knew that she didn't want me to be alone and immerse in sorrow. Her gesture of great friendship really touched me.

As i had another appointment after work and couldn't make it for a movie, we decided to meet for a dinner. I will write about the dinner and post up the pictures of the food in a separate post (as it's getting late now and i really ought to sleep early).

All in all, it was a nice evening with a good friend. By the time i got back to my rented place, it was already near 11pm. Then i was checking emails and my FB, and somehow i started reading some of my old blog posts from last year. Don't ask me why i did that; seriously, i do not know why.

It was definitely a wrong move. As i read through the painful feelings expressed in words, i was reminded of the heartache and agony that i've gone through, and my tears started rolling down. It was just for a short while that i told myself to switch off the laptop and go to bed, as it was already 1am+.

Despite that, i think i should give myself a pat on the shoulders for surviving through the day without breaking down. It wasn't perfect, but at least i've marched a small step forward.

Lastly, thanks angel for the wonderful and beautiful sketches with words of encouragement and concern. I'm starting to get jealous of your talent!


yes, sleep early. don't hurt yourself and stay healthy :)

i browsed a few times of your last year postings and it is mixture of heartache and anger every time i read what had happened to you (and keeps me got to do something to cheer you, if you don't mind). i hate when you equated it with drama - what had happened to you is NOT drama. NOT drama, drama is scripted and entertains , but your life is reality.... sigh ...

you did good already. you got to let go the sad past in order to move to a brighter happier future. yes, the path is difficult, but you have many people, especially your 6 great friends to guide and to support you. and you have to trust yourself can do it :). keep it up gal. don't give up yourself! make this september onwards your new chapter of life and don't think the past as misery but more of a "blessing". be positive!

ah, if you are able not to cry for 3 months, i write you a song (to think of it, it's obviously impossible because i don't know how to play piano or guitar, uh oh). before that, here's another meagre drawing to cheer you (uh, probably you got angrier instead)


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