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Monday, September 20, 2010


On the cab now heading towards our KL office. Touched down at KLIA at around 7.50am. Waited for my luggage for more than 20min. Mine was the last few pieces with the other two passengers waiting impatiently for theirs too. I almost thought my luggage was lost and was about to report it when it finally appeared. 

The ironic part about this is that there is a huge poster at the arrival exit, thanking the passengers for making the airport the best in the world three times in a row. Hmm, I thought Changi has been the best airport all the time, and I do not know which organisation or what rating had ranked KLIA as the first. Whichever it is, I just found it not convincing at all. Seriously, having travelled to so many airports before, I do not see how KLIA is comparable to Changi in any way. 

I'll be in KL for the entire workweek. The new programmer is joining us today, finally, after three months of waiting. Hopefully our workload will be eased off with this headcount added back to our team. 

I'll be conducting a few days of induction programme for him, but I actually have lots of work piling up and pending on my side. I'm now the bottleneck for a few overdue tasks. 

I'm feeling tired and hungry. Again, taking the earliest flight means that I only slept for about 4 hours last night. All the shops at the Senai Airport weren't open at that early hours too and hence I've not taken my breakfast yet. 

I need food and coffee now. 


uh oh, what a miserable day you have at the beginning of the day, thank goodness you did not lost your luggage. you should have prepared at least 2 slice of roti (with chesdale) as your quick breakfast rather staying hungry for 3 hours. hope you did not bring the bad mood along to company, otherwise for sure you'll scare the new colleague of yours (first day both parties should show good impression, imagine he smiles at you and you vent on him to take off that idiotic smirk because of your bad mood, oh my weird imagination again ....)

hmm, there are many examples that malaysia boasted as world class standard, and desperate for international recognition be it from chicken rice to f1 sepang, klia, klcc, to angkasawan and to world #1 badminton player. i agree that some of these recognitions are joke indeed. if it is real good, it doesn't need publicity to brag about the product/service/result since people can differentiate that when they are using it and will make recommendation. but then, if that's the case there won't be any marketing and PR agencies existing anymore. as malaysian, i afraid i'm not the only one would easily jump in venting the inferiority of malaysia though optimistically i often tell my friends proton is ok even it's sold with unfair pricing, and UM is good university because i'm not qualified for it even is rated > 200. this is sad. so much of the hollow call of malaysia boleh. and with rising crime rate, doubtful justice, recent political development and home is not like home, these increase the sense of inferiority (and jealous of our neighboring country). sigh ....

and hey, good to hear you have new colleague to lighten your load! 3 months is really a long time, and fortunately, finally he's at your company! i wonder, hmm, would he be like this (my silly imagination again):

day1: look around, get familiar and oriented (and say, oh, this is nothing, ex comp is even worse)
day2: hands-on, start to be active (and comment this is so easy. the so many yrs of exp are not nothing)
day3: start get dirty and jump in the load (cause cannot sit idle, and work looks so familiar)
day4: solve and complete all holdup issues (and say this is so easy, been doing this for years)
day5: improve the work and make it work of masterpiece (and declare self a perfectionist too)

and your 5 days in kl is fruitful .... somehow can't shake off the eccentricity and nonsensical part of me from my office and spread into your cyberspace.


Oh ya! You remind me, MUST take breakfast first, or else "Hungry Woman=Angry Woman", furthermore I might not even have chance to eat anything until afternoon. :p
Take care oh! Don't work too hard.

Angel, as much as i hope the days will go as you described and the guy can get onto the job asap, the real situation is never that smooth. Let's just replace all the five days to "training, briefing and waiting".

Sui, see you soon!

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