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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Am taking the 7.35pm flight back to SG, and I'm now waiting at the boarding gate.

It's Malaysia Day tomorrow, and whatever this holiday is supposed to mean really doesn't matter. To the colleagues in MY office, it's not about the celebration of unity but merely a non-working day.

As for me, it really means nothing, for I do not get a day off at all. Will be back working in SG office tomorrow.

I'm now thinking of what should I have for dinner tonight. Didn't have anything at the rented place, for I normally do my groceries shopping on Sunday when I'm back in SG from JB. Hmm, I should probably just grab something at Changi later.

Boarding now.


don’t say lah like “merely non working day” because tomorrow is the very first, correction, second (since the first one should be in 1963) time malaysia celebrates the day. Unfortunately, it was not holiday for me as I also have to work on tomorrow, and face the dread of it, sigh... our apathetic kiamsap HR seems to not understand the sentimental of the day at all although the holiday is compensated. the HR did it on other holiday before this too, so I'm kind of ranting to my colleagues (not HR-lah) that the HR would do it with 16 Sept too. but who would know it turns out to be so true. Actually I’m not sentimental or that fanatic, but the purpose of holiday is to commemorate that special day and no other day can replace it. But my friends told me off that since I’m so “patriotic” I should go and take leave myself for the celebration-lor. See what kind of friends I have, no unity at all :(. But then, the replacement was actually the day before another public holiday...

Mid autumn festival is coming. didn’t buy any mooncakes in kl? It’s definitely cheaper than SG (and you could make some bite rather having empty stomach until touchdown in changi).


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