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Monday, September 27, 2010

Last week in KL

Didn't blog for a few days because i simply didn't have the mood. Over the weekend, i only wanted to lie in bed and read comics. There was too much stress from work when i was in KL, and so i only wanted to relax and do nothing else over the weekend.

Our team didn't manage to clear the outstanding task by Friday. I had to ask the pretty gal team member to help me on the work, and by doing that, she gotta put aside the other assignment that she was rushing, which had already been postponed once and tight on deadline as well.

See, it's a domino effect; one team member's incompetence causes delay in not just one project but potentially the other projects as well. I guess this is what we called team work - a person's failure drags the whole team down. Darn!

Anyway, thank God that the go-live decision was postponed by a week due to some other reasons. I wasn't informed of it until i spoke to one of the project members from ex-little boss's team. It was Friday and we still couldn't complete the work. So, early in the morning, i told that project team member that they could forget about going live on time because our piece of work simply could not be completed. It was then that he told me the go-live decision has been postponed, but this also means that the week ahead is gonna be stressful and hectic again.

That underperformer will be back from his exam leave tomorrow. When he was on leave last week, i found out two other tasks that he did wrongly and i was furious. I wrote two emails chiding him for his mistakes and carelessness, but then worried if my emails were gonna affect his mood for his exam (he does read work emails at home). My colleague told me that i shouldn't be worrying about that since he was the one who got us into troubles in the first place. I know i gotta be more stern and even harsher, but i just couldn't bring myself to be harsh towards a team member. Gosh, i am so not cut out to be a leader.

I didn't manage to finish the induction program with the new guy and told him to study the documents and program codes on his own. I guess i'd have to arrange another time to KL again and continue with him on whatever that i've missed out.

Now i just hope that this new guy can be someone like the one who left us - capable, responsible, trustworthy and with good working attitude. So far, i have my reservation, as it seems this new guy is weaker in communication and business skills as compared to the previous guy. I will have to observe more and see.


it seem like not appropraite to say "congratulation", but I really want to say "congratulation", as seem like God had hear your prayers. No matter how, since the deadline had been postponed, then u r given the 2nd chance.
Don't worry too much, just do your best & most importantly take care of your healthy, eat well sleep well. How can you work properly w/o proper meal & rest?

ah, miracle indeed happened! instead of 3 days, you're blessed with extra more days. hope things really turn out to be fine and go as planned. just be positive and you'll see things differently and wiser too to solve the problem.

all the best to pinpin. and sleep early too, get full 8 hours of sleep everyday to get the true and best performance of yourself. cheers :) -HY-


hmm, wonder if the mess in fact all cleared and all went well :). cheers.

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