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Monday, October 04, 2010

If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses

Saw this on FB, posted by a friend. It's hilarious.

(Images linked from CoolMaterial)


some of them are funny. some of them, em~~~~ no comments.

haha. if only isaac newton was in malaysia and sits under a durian tree......

I like how the author creatively made use of all the different types of notifications in Facebook to make the jokes, like the one on "Marie Antoinette is no longer in a relationship with Her Head", who created what event and who were attending, who liked what and the "Dove posted a photo". He even got the "xxxx years ago" to fit the history and the various profile pictures of the persons and things. It's funny.

speaking of history, i watched recently this low budgeted movie "The Man from Earth". the whole movie setting was the house and group conversation about the protagonist's life experience. imagine at the end of the movie he admitted it's all hoax (maybe, haha). there's so much creative people out there!

hey, you used to be very creative too :).

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