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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just in the news

Just saw on the TV news that Lee Kuan Yew's wife has passed away peacefully, at the age of 89.

A few days ago, there was a news of Lee Kuan Yew being admitted to the hospital for chest infection, but a few days later his wife passed away.

Putting aside my opinion about the founding father of Singapore as a politician, i am touched by his love for his wife. It is well known that Lee Kuan Yew loves his wife very much, and she played an important role in his life. I think her passing is gonna be devastating to him.

I think the Singapore media will be flooded with the news of her death for the next few days.


I shall say it with a caveat. The well known facts about his love for his wife are due in many parts to the state controlled media. How much of it is true, I don't know. But what was true, that the only reason why he chose her as a partner was because she was smarter than him.

Just like how the media would portray him as uncorruptable, we only need to look at Nassim Jade to get an answer.

this is quite a surprise, but not unexpected. no doubt LKY loves his wife very much where in his recent interview he mentioned he stayed at his wife's side every night and reading her favourite poems. anyway, like what he had said, though it's devastating life still must goes on. there's saying every successful man there's woman behind it. LKY was one of it. his wife had been with him through thick and thin for 60+ years. to say in those years there was not a single disagreement and quarrel is astonishing, especially when his wife was as brainy as him. hmm, wonder if such story and commitment still applies to our and younger modern generations.

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