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Thursday, October 14, 2010

On the cab

I just wish the cab driver can stop talking to me. I'm too tired to chat with stranger.

I don't know why cab drivers always like to chat up with me. Or maybe they just like chatting with any passengers.

Doesn't he get it? If I'm typing away on my iPhone and simply anwer him with "uh huh", "yeah", isn't it obvious that I don't feel like talking? Gggrrrrr...


possible answers:

1. He is deaf
2. He is high on drugs
3. He wants to keep awake
4. You look like his daughter
5. His wife never listen to him


ah, work late again? don't sleep so late, you gonna recharged yourself for coming hectic days and weeks. (i wanna draw something today, but i worked late also today and totally forgot about it, my bad, my bad. so i gonna wish you here again in text only - ALL THE BEST, PINPIN IS THE BEST ^_^).

isn't it good you that you provide positive feeling to everyone near you? the cabby probably found you special against his boring passengers. in fact, you are indeed special, loved by everyone :). too bad that did not apply to the cabby who forbid you eating in his cab.

dont sleep for 5 hours only -lor, it's not good for health. cheers.

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