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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad hair day

I spent excessive time this morning fixing my hair but i still look like a girl from China, which I totally hate to be mistaken as one. The worst part is that it's gonna take a few weeks for the fringe to grow long and out of this stupid style. That means I'm gonna have many more bad hair days to come.

And I'm running late for a meeting at 9am. Darn!


Haha! Use some accesories, put on wig or hats lor! ^-^

eeeee, this is not good, especially you have to put with that style for weeks. gotta depend on your creativity with pins and clips, and maybe "internet" to fix the fringe-lor ...wonder if you really gave a shock to your colleagues with that "new" style?

cheers ^_^

I think this is the "new style" recently. My sister in law had the same hair cut as you. personally I am not used to that new image.

You can use hair gel to make a 45 degree change. ym

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