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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I hate my hair

Here's a MSN chat i had with a colleague today (her nickname removed to protect her privacy):

Oh yes, i hate my hairstyle now. It is horrible! How i wish i can stay at home until it grows long and out of the current style.

On an unrelated note, i plan to continue working to finish up a portion of my work. I am doing the system testing and my team member will have to fix the bugs. It's better that i uncover all the issues tonight so that she can fix it in the day tomorrow. That ought to speed up the progress.


to quote - bring u back to sanity. haha.



i know i know, it's obsolete already. it's been already 2 weeks and hair story is no longer "hot" topic :). glad you were not bugged from it anymore (i think)... cheers.

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