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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Malay song

This evening, on my way back to the hotel, i heard a Malay song that the cab driver was playing on his car audio. I never listen to Malay songs, and seriously i can't even sing one complete Malay song at all.

But then, i somehow found the melody of that song to be quite nice. It has this sad tune and the singer also managed to deliver a sorrowful rendition of the song that sorta made me sad (even though i did not entirely get the meaning of the song).

So i came back and did a search on the Web (by typing in a few words from the lyrics that i understood), and it seems like a song from a few years ago and probably quite famous too (since i could find it on the Web).

Here's the video of the song i got from YouTube:


Wah! Like that u also manage to search the song ah! "Pei Fu! Pei Fu!" ^-^

hmm, what were the lyrics that caught you? anyway, it has nice lyrics. :)

Sui, it's not hard to find it if you typed in the entire part of the lyrics.

angel, actually i do not understand the entire song; even with the lyrics, i do not know what some of the vocabs mean. The phrase that i did get and used for my search was "Ku akan menjaga mu", for someone made a promise like that to me once too, but...

Wali is actually quite a famous band in Indonesia and this song is supposed to be one of their top song and perhaps the one launching them into big time.

As it is an Indonesian band, that's why some of the vocabs differ from our Malaysian Malay.

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