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Monday, October 25, 2010

At Senai Airport

Going to KL today. Will be there for the week.

Am exhausted, but still gotta pull myself out of bed early in the morning for the flight. Fortunately I asked the secretary to book the second flight and not the earliest one.

I intend not to work so hard this week when I'm in KL. My plan is to book a cab everyday to leave office at 6pm, and perhaps I can go shop around to reward myself a bit and that may lift my spirit up. Yes, that's what we women call "shopping therapy".

Yet, for me, the reality always falls short of what I've planned. Let's see if this week will be the same again.


6pm is quite a jam in kl roads. take good care and enjoy yourself, don't always stuck with work only. but don't overspend also-lor. cheers.

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