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Friday, October 22, 2010

Going to bed early

It was 3am+ yesterday, and it's 5am today. That's the time i'm going to bed these days - in the early mornings.

Seriously, this job is killing me. I so want to rant, but then i gotta get some sleep and then continue tomorrow.

The status now is that I'm very sure i'm gonna miss this deadline again. Sigh!


nothing is sure until the very last minute. otherwise all the hardwork and effort staying up until wee morning is meaningless. you can do it, don't give up, don't throw towel woh.

you must also take care of your health. And, don't stress until you lose yourself totally because even you manage to come out a great piece of work, that's just a hollow victory only. hmm, what's the different of working exhaustively until morning and sleep later for 5 hours compare with sleep 5 hours first and revitalized and continue work later. comparing my productivity with you i feel myself like an ant - i worked average 10-12 hours already complain, and yet you .....

so, cheers!

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