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Friday, October 29, 2010

Random updates and thoughts

Still didn't manage to get more sleep even though I left office at 6pm sharp for the past three days (today i left at about 7pm+). Except for last night when I came back to the hotel and continued working until 10pm+, the first two nights were just plain silliness on my part.

I could have gone to bed early but I switched on the tv and watched it past mid-night. See, this is the thing about tv shows - you gotta have self-control to know when to stop. Most people don't and hence we have so many couch potatoes in this world. It seems like I may have the potential of becoming one too.

I've wanted to say tv is evil, but then it actually isn't. It's the same as when people say money is the root of all evils, it isn't either. All these things are the creations of human and they are actually neutral. It's how humans use it that makes it good or evil. It's just like fire or water. They serve important function in our survival, yet they can kill too if not controlled.

So, knowing that I can get out-of-control if i switch on the tv, then the solution is not to on it at all in the first place. That was precisely what I did last night. So I guess i do have certain degree of self-control after all, in that knowing myself not being able to resist temptation, then do not even get close to the thing that may tempt me in the first place. On this part, I seem to be able to do it well, just like how I managed to kick my addiction to FB games by deleting away all the games from my account, just so that i don't even see the games anymore when i'm on FB.

So, yesterday i did manage to go to bed earlier at 11pm+, and had 7 hours of sleep. Yet, this morning i actually found it harder to get out of bed! On the days when i slept for 5 hours or less, i also feel tired and having difficulty getting up. Yet, this morning was even worse; i felt the whole body aching and even more exhausted than other days when i have less sleep. This doesn't seem right. I should be feeling more recharged and not the other way around. I really wonder how our bodies work.

Yesterday on the front page of the newspaper, though not the headline, there was this news highlight about the passing of Paul the physic octopus. I actually had heard of the news on radio, but when i saw it on the front page, i was like "WTF?!". Human lives are lost and at stake around the world due to volcano eruption, earthquake and flood, but all these weren't even on the highlights on the front page. Apparently, the lives of human beings aren't news worthy compared to the death of a eight-legged sea creature. That's just great. Hmph.

I didn't have my retail therapy as I've said I planned to do, or at least not enough to achieve the therapeutic effect. Did go shop around on Tuesday for a pair of casual shoes for me to wear on Friday, and I did get a pair of sandals, which means that I'll be wearing my new sandals tomorrow.

Shopping at Mid Valley has become a torture to me for the reasons that i've mentioned before and i'm not gonna repeat it here. I tried to stick around at The Gardens but my current earnings do not justify me spending on stuff with such exorbitant prices. In the end, i still gotta go over to Mid Valley where the things are more affordable to me.

Talking about new shoes, i brought the new shoes that are the wrong size with me to go with a skirt. I had bought the shoe insoles and tried it on briefly, thinking that it would work. Sadly, it didn't. The shoes still slipped off my feet when i walked, while the pinky toes were squeezed at the front because of the additional inserts. So it still hurt when i wore it the day before. Fortunately i did not have to walk that much when i'm in KL and hence it wasn't that bad.

Ok, don't tell me to throw or give the pair of high heels away, for it is branded and rather expensive. Actually the shoes are supposed to be comfy (as this brand is famous for producing comfortable shoes), but it would have been a good pair of shoes if it's not for the wrong size and my broad feet. Well, i am sure gonna think of some ways to make it work for me. Just give me some time to think over it.

Oh, and my last random thought here - i wonder how it feels to be working at those high-class exclusive luxury shops. You know, i mean those shops where the door is actually closed and the sales representatives all have this air as if you are not even worth a glance or a smile if you are not dressed in branded stuff from head to toe. I passed by Louis Vuitton and saw that they actually have a doorman with a uniform and white gloves opening the door for patrons. I wonder if it feels great to be working as a doorman for LV as compared to, say, working as a store manager for This Fashion? Don't get me wrong here; i am not demeaning anyone here. I am really wondering.


I think I know what's the brand of that shoes, u always buy that brand what! why u'll get wrong size? Can't exchange?
Saw a clip on FB b4 saying that can put a bag of water into the shoes, put into fridge, when turn into ice, the volume will become bigger, than can "expand" the shoes a bit, maybe u can consider to try it.
I also got this problem, when I only slept for 4-5hours, I'm still kicking alive. If I slept for 8hours, I'm having headache. sigh~~
however, manage to get enough sleep is better than not, maybe need sometimes to adapt lor!
(p/s: the funniest things is I actually manage to reach office by 9 these 2 days, as I'm waking up at 5 & 7a.m. these 2 days, b'cos suddenly fall asleep on about 9p.m. the night b4, gila liao!)

haha, speaking of devil, internet is the most evil of all, not only it's additive, it makes work even extended to home and stress ...... just have to balance in everything and self control. you can't go wrong with having 7-8 hours sleep, but it would be serious problem if you continue sleeping at 4-5 hours. hmm, i guess with the door closed it would be a bit pai-seh to enter the boutique, take a glance and walk out empty handed.

by the way, did anyone give you a pat on shoulder ? cheers :).

Sui, it was because it didn't have a half-size, and i could only choose between smaller or bigger, and i chose the latter. Of course, i had the third choice, which was not to buy it at all. Too bad that i didn't opt for this, and so i ended up with this problem lor.

angel, i did get a "cyber pat" from a colleague. ;)

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