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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I called in "sick" today.

Again, i wasn't really sick but having menstrual cramps. It's bad this month, and i guess it was due to the lack of rest.

The problem with having male boss is that i can't tell him frankly that i'm having menstrual cramps. I can only say that i'm not feeling well and he will always reply something like, "Sorry to hear that you are unwell. I wish you a speedy recovery." The only exception was the time when i emailed him frankly that i was having "stomach cramp" and i guess he understood it; he didn't wish me a "speedy recovery" and just replied "take care".

The guys in my department think that i'm quite weak, as in i fall sick frequently. Actually i do not get sick frequently, but i do feel unwell at least once a month.

Oh well, it doesn't matter really. Sometimes it's good to be regarded as a physically weak female in the department, so that they will take care of me all the time. And they really do. That's the good thing about being the only lady in the department (in SG) - they do pamper me sometimes.


gee, i guess you really have wasted your annual leaves for such "health" reason-lor .... if it's only such leave can be accounted as MC then it will be different story, otherwise it would be no different with taking leave for shopping. hmm, if you continue being like this, afterward your boss hire another girl in your department to counter such privilege, and then you lose your status-lor being the only lady.

anyway, stay healthy, speed recovery and take good care of yourself. and don't over stress yourself again! cheers.

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