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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Public holidays 2011

Saw this on FB today (applicable to KL only):

That brings me to the topic of public holidays.

Seriously, i think Malaysia is one of the countries in the world with the most gazetted public holidays; either that, or Singapore is one with the least.

Take a look at the public holidays for year 2011 on MOM website:

We only have 11 days of public holidays in a year. If you spread it out across a year, you don't even get one day per month.

Now, take a look at Malaysian public holidays for next year. There are 13 days of national public holidays, and for the state of Selangor (where our Malaysia office is located), there are another 4 days, which total up to 17 days in a year!

One of the expatriates from China noticed the many days of public holidays in Malaysia and told me that he would love to work in Malaysia. Of course, what he isn't aware of is the inequality that is built into the law between different races. If he knows that, i wonder if he would still wanna work there. But then, i guess it doesn't really matter to him since the law does not affect expatriates.

If there's anything i miss working in Malaysia, it's definitely the public holidays.


ah, about public holidays, i also did count against other countries long ago when there was this calender on the meeting table. malaysia has not too many, and not too few either-lah. it's slightly comparable to singapore's, err, maybe there's slight advantage with office located in state rather than in kl. if you look at hong kong, it has quite number of holidays too. and china, boy, unlike malaysia and singapore which is scattered, they have 1-wk shutdown in CNY and national day. anyway, with holidays scattered, don't really feel the effect-lor, especially sometimes still have to go back to work on these days....

i don't know but i observe that most of my friends in malaysia are promoted faster, and many of them are working in giant MNCs. they deserved it at their own capability, when at gathering i often heard the stories work average until 8-9pm, sometimes 2days non-sleep to organize workshop and presentation to customer. you have missed about the dread of tolls and public transports. practically in malaysia you will "die" if you don't your own car (in contrast of singapore you will "die" if you own a car). huh, i shouldn't use the word die, but that's a quote from my colleague in our conversation :). of course, main advantage of working in sg is the PAY, even it's still seen as cheap labour though .... ah, i'm not talking about you but me actually ... if you choose to look things at the bright side, you probably won't feel the pinch and aggravated, and could have positive outcome too. cheers, have a nice holiday, next week :).

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