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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sleeping with the ants

I've actually wanted to write about my new toys, but then it's getting late, and something else also took priority over it.

I came back to my rented room today only to discover that i've gotten some uninvited room-mates.

Uh huh, the whole troop of them to be exact, all the way from the wall to the ceiling.

I traced the origin and destination of these ants (for i have some food and sweet stuff in my cupboard), but they aren't really going anywhere. Basically, the just disappeared into two small holes, one on the wall near the floor, the other high up in the ceiling above the aircon and into the top of the wardrobe. I checked the places where i store my food and there wasn't any trace of them there.

I'm very concerned if any ants have gotten into my my wardrobe. I wouldn't wanna any of them in my clothing, as i've had an unpleasant encounter with them before and i certainly wouldn't want history to repeat itself.

I've told my landlady about it, but we couldn't do anything because it was late in the night already. She did suggest to spray pesticide but then it would be too smelly (and probably toxic) for me to sleep in a room filled with pesticide. Therefore we are gonna wait till tomorrow morning and the maid can help to get rid of the ants after i've gone to work.

This means that i'm gonna sleep with the ants tonight. And for some odd reasons, probably psychological, i got some minor rashes on my arms and even felt the itchiness everywhere.

Boy oh boy, i think it's gonna be a tough night for me.


yucks, but that was still better compare with 小强. i still remember one midnight long ago when i was surfing internet and then out of nowhere i saw it on the crawling on the wall! and it can fly too. it's quite a trauma to reminisce that incident, fortunately it did not fly/crawl into books, wardrobe and i managed to rid it with ridsect (or shelltox, cannot remember-le) and slept with the chemical smell. but it's better than the pest still around that it might crawl onto me when i was dreaming sweetly, oh how wish i can telepathic communicate with it to tell it to fly off elsewhere instead ......

Aiyo! friend, u r a bit over reaction lah! they are moving due to raining. This is already very small case lor! ^-^

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