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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Had just done the group check-in. We are now waiting for immigration clearance and boarding, which will only commence at 8.15pm.

Saw the celebrity chef and his wife at the waiting area just now. He looks exactly the same as on tv.

No, in case you are wondering, I didn't approach him or take pictures of them even though i had a brief eye contact with him. I didn't even smile at him, as if I didn't know who he is. I'm just respecting his privacy, since his "work" only starts when we are on board.

I wonder if there is Internet connection on board the cruise. If there is, then I'll post up some pictures tonight.


woh woh, it's not good-leh that you're acting cool towards the "celebrity" chef. after all, it's common sense that most passengers there are for the culinary cruise, moreover he's celebrity appears in Tv (don't ask me, i truly really don't know him at all, never see him at all, never heard of him at all until your post). and yet you "pretend" don't know him, giving him cool face somemore (*facepalm*). geez, i wonder how would he feel - won so many award, appear in tv but still receives such snub, if he had a blog he probably would write "what's wrong with the society, so unfriendly and there's no a slight smile or nod even she knows me, at least she should know ...". but then, if he took it as you really don't know him, that would be even worse since after so many awards, tv appearances and yet there's still got people doesn't recognize him, moreover on culinary cruise. what an ultimate insult ....

anyway, have a pleasant great holiday (of course you will)! and don't get seasick lor (oh, how stupid am i anyway :o ). cheers!

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