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Monday, November 22, 2010

Bump on head

One of the doors of my wardrobe in my JB home dropped off and hit my forehead this afternoon. Now i have a bump on my forehead and it hurts.

(Please disregard the messy frizzy hair, pimples and scars, and focus on the bump -- yes yes, i have a small scar on my forehead from my childhood.)

The wardrobe is about 20 years old already, but it's fixed to the wall and ceiling and i don't know how it can be removed even if i want to have it changed.

Now i have a wardrobe at home with one door missing, and a forehead that is almost similar to a flowerhorn fish. Darn.


hey, this is serious! are you ok? do you get reddish bruise? i thought you got carelessly knocked on the wardrobe when i first read (i skipped the first line and jump to the bump), but got hit from felled off door is dangerous. i guess it was not at the edge/corner (phew) which otherwise it would be worse. what a really bad day you had ...

even you may fix the door by replacing the hinge, i don't think it would be still safe, the wood probably got torn or eroded. you should replace the wardrobe. what if next time the whole thing collapse! and don't try to remove all by yourself even if you know how (probably fastened by screws?) because it might be heavy for you to carry down and worry it will cause further injury. sigh, what am i typing here. .... how about asking your neighbour or friends' (or friend's hubby) help for this? there are things you can't do by yourself and you need help.

please take care, and don't get feel helplessness over this....

Thanks for the concern, angel. I am ok now, even though it did hurt quite badly when it first hit me.

I am going to ask a friend for opinion about removing the built-in wardrobe and replacing it with a moveable one. She is in the furniture business.

A piece of advice when you have your own home: never make those built-in furnitures, like what we used to have in our parent's generation. The furnitures in my JB home are mostly built in and hence cannot be replaced easily even though they are 20 years old already.

time to buy new wardrobe from PT. :) ym

glad to hear the injury not that critical, however, it's still serious to think how the incident happened, i even heard from my friend (joke?) a 20 cent coin dropped onto a person head from empire state building can kill, what's more a wardrobe door of >>> heavier than a coin and at height of ceiling. you're making everyone worried!

gee, i live with my parents and still living now for 15+ years and the furniture is not built in, except for the kitchen cabinet .. i thought the new houses nowadays have wardrobes built-in. anyway, you sure have lots of friends, i guess your fb potentially hits 1000+ of friends (sometimes, i really wonder if my friend with 300+ friends does really know them all. cyberworld is really amazing.) :)

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