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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random updates

Here are some random updates of some recent events.

The bump on my head is still there and tender to touch. There isn't any visible bruise and i think it's not really serious. It will probably heal in a few more days.

The army of ants in my rented room disappeared the next morning, but re-appeared on my table in the evening. Then on the following days, no more ant's movements were seen in my room, except that i found some floating bodies of the ants in the cup of water that i placed in my room.

Even until today, i still saw the ants in the cup even though i could not trace where they came from. The more puzzling part is not so much about where they came from but why. There is only plain water in the cup, and ants apparently cannot swim and will drown in the water. So i do not understand why they decided to take a dip into the cup. Now i suspect that my saliva is probably sweet and that's the reason why the cup of water attracts the ants. I wouldn't be surprised if it is indeed so; after all, i am a sweet gal. Heh.

I've loaded tons of songs into my new mobile phone and enjoying the music everyday while commuting. Yet, the memory card was corrupted on Sunday, probably because i didn't remove the device properly by simply unplugging the USB cable off the laptop when it was connected to the phone. I gotta reformat the memory card and then reload all the songs again.

I'm having a meeting with the Americans tomorrow night (or shall i say today) at around 9pm. I decided that i will go into the office only in the afternoon and work till the night, and then go in late again on Wednesday. I actually let the Americans choose the timing by telling them that i will be available on Tuesday morning too. This means that it will be their evening and then they opted for their morning instead, which means my evening. See, Asian always work like hell and the Westerners advocate a work-life balanced lifestyle. I so want to work overseas.


ant"s" as in plural?? that's really gross lor! sweet girl, you don't worry-meh when you say like that, you're insinuating that the ants will linger on you when you sleep soundly, since you're so sweet, hehe. the other reason i could think of to override the "sweetie gal" is you're lazy even to wash the cup after using it and it now attracts ants! the truth hurts indeed ...

why you so 大头虾 to disconnect the cable without prior set it to safely removal. fortunately it's the memory card and not the phone. long time ago, my portable mp3 player and thumbdrive were ruined similarly this way too and it could not be recovered at all :(. but it's strange also given that flash and usb technology have been around for so long, they don't have fail safe against this. since x10 has fm, i thought you would listen to it instead, maybe to talks and pranks pulled by djs, and some call-ins and random songs put up by them. it's like new things put up at the fresh of morning. right now i'm listening to 1fm in the morning (yup, i understand cantonese, and i guess many johoreans from segamat to jb do too since malaysians tv channel put up hk movies/drama in original without dubbing. even johorean namewee understands too).

americans are no better than the europeans, the former do work beyond 5 until 6-7. but for asians, it depends if you are refering to workaholics instead. so the moral is don't be a workaholic, don't work to the best-lor ,haha. i still remember our american counterpart (customer somemore) was the one who called us for the meeting at 830am and dragged to 10, 11am. you shouldn't give them option mah, then probably they would have complied with your timing. but then, giving your "tenaciousness" towards working until 8,9pm, and that you being night owl (even advised many many times you should throw away that bad habit), this option is not bad after all, especially you could attend work in the afternoon. plus, you could travel back too with cab, and get claim for it! aw, i spilt out all your "schemes" aloud, my bad, my bad..... nevertheless, don't overdo yourself and stress too much yourself until to take "leave" again next month....

cheers! :)

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