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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outstanding travel logs

Ok, if anyone is waiting for my posts on the cruise, then i guess i'll have to disappoint you.

Before you even let out a big "HUH??!!", do read an old post that i had written before about blogging travel logs.

Yes, writing travel logs takes time; in fact, lots of time. Getting ready the pictures and narrating the details can be quite a chore. (Hmm, perhaps i should do a recording instead and just post up the video or sound.)

And nowadays, i often got distracted when there are other stuff that comes along, which i wanna rant about, and then will procrastinate on blogging the travel logs until i forgot about it.

Hmm, well, to be exact, i didn't really forget about it; what i forget is actually the details of the trip, and in the end it will end up with just photos and some short descriptions, if and when i finally get to it.

Now, let me recall the trips that i have yet to blog about (or blogged only half-way through), in chronological order - a business trip to HK in year 2007 that i never finished writing; business trips to Taiwan and Australia in year 2008; to USA, HK and London in year 2009; to USA again and Thailand at the beginning of this year; and of course the cruise last week.

So you see, if each is to take a queue number, i will probably only get to the cruise, say... 5 years later perhaps?

Oh wait, besides the travel logs, i also have lots and lots of other blog posts that are long outstanding. Some are actually in my draft (i.e. wrote half-way and then moved on to other things) and have been staying there for months or even years, while some i've not even started at all. Alright, i'll probably blog about the cruise 8 years later - if i'm still around.

Ah, not to forget too that we now have FB. So i tend to spend time uploading the pictures there, and doing it here has somewhat become the second priority. After all, i don't think my friends are really interested in all the minute details of my trip. The pictures would say a thousand words, and of course, i would add a short description too to make it a thousand and one words.

Hence, in a way, FB becomes the platform now for me to share the travel pictures and some daily routines with the people who know me personally, whereas this blog remains as the place for my rant, bigotry opinions and nonsense. It is the place where my friends will get to know a different side of me, and sometimes the inner side too.

This is the time to stop and marvel: technology is great!


HUH! why like that one? good good stuff shared to your fb friends but not to your blog fans, what-ler, really disappointed-lor .... i thought you would have proud to show off your photography skill, especially with the new toy of yours and coupled with onboard of nice cruiser. gee, given of that reason of yours to blog, the trip must be a good and pleasant one, until you just share to your close friends only. selfish ....

ok ok, enough of the crap, so you managed to learn any trick or two from the master chef? yup, technology is great, and i'm so so fortunate to live in this internet age! don't you too? cheers.

fb is getting serious business .... cheers.

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