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Thursday, December 02, 2010


I was just off the line with the Americans about half-an-hour ago.

Uh huh, another late night conference.

Have been having mild migraine since this morning. I got into the office early this morning for a teleconference with them, and then they requested for another one in the late night.

The project is getting crucial, as this Friday is the decision-making deadline on whether to go ahead or to go on to a backup plan. Yet, we had only just completed the system setup (over the conference just now). So, tomorrow is gonna be another day of rushing for work for them.

I'd better go to bed now... headache headache headache...


wah, work straight 16 hours! the americans are sure slaved driving you like nuts! you should have protested it mah. it's like you're giving the american the perception that you are robot and don't need to sleep at all. like "ok, we're going home now to eat and sleep and we will resume the meeting after that", and you have to wait for them to "finish" that somemore. where is fairness and equality?!

sigh, that's working life ... don't over push yourself lor, sometimes you have to just admit you have hit the limit for the sake of your health. cheers, and take more rest!!

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