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Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas gift from boss

Yes, boss is in SG this week and same as last year, he brought us Christmas gifts.

The gifts were actually bought by his wife, whom he said loves shopping (i guess all tai tai loves it).

First of all, let me make it clear that i appreciate the thought. Seriously, i really really really do. It is actually very nice of him and his wife to get us something for Christmas.

Well, having said that, appreciating the thought is one thing, but appreciating the gift itself is another.

Last year, my gift was a hand bag that i gave to my mom. Why? You can make a guess.

This year, my gift was again the biggest.

And it is a bag again.

For those who know me, for sure you can easily tell why this bag is just so not for me - purple, red, love shape, bling bling, brand...

But this time i'm not sure if i can pass it to my mom.


haha, you might just pass it to the kids at your place, they probably would like and appreciate more than you do :).

so, last year it's bag. this year is another bag. next year my lucky guess it's gonna be bag.. bags, bags, bags, why can't your boss be a bit of empathic and creative...


haha. now when i read back, does that mean your big boss don't really know you after working for so long. cheers.

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