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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The past week

I called in sick last Tuesday because i had my menses earlier this month, which is quite rare, as my menstrual cycle is stable and accurate. This time, i emailed to boss and wrote that i was having stomach cramp. Yet he replied and wished me a speedy recovery. Hmm, don't tell me he didn't get what i meant.

Then on Thursday, i worked from home, with the blessing from boss. He told me to rest at home, after knowing that i was having conference call with the Americans past mid-night. It was great for me, for i was having mild headache anyway.

For the past week, i had conference calls with the Americans almost everyday - one in the morning and then one in the night. In fact, they even arranged one on last Friday at 11pm, but they did apologise and said that it was ok if i could not join the meeting, as it was a Friday late night. I did join the meeting from JB since i didn't have any place to go or anything to do anyway.

Despite the effort, we still could not meet the deadline last Friday and the decision-making was postponed to today instead. They requested us to make the last attempt to complete all the tasks on Monday and then let them know if we are in a better position when they start work, which will be our night time. I guess this means that they will arrange for another conference call tonight again. Unfortunately, the progress today was not good.

Sigh, i still have yet to do my Christmas shopping. I actually plan to make full use of these few weeks to get the Christmas gifts for my colleagues, friends and family. Of course, i would not miss the year-end sales in Singapore and Malaysia too. I just hope that i won't be stuck in working late-night everyday again.


i wonder one day if you bloated the truth to him and what would be his reply then. gee, it's like spy thriller mind playing game like that, who's gonna say the first words, haha....
and i thought your US counterpart is squeezing so much out of you. Guess the conference is already over by now, and hopefully the outcome is positive and success. no matter what, don't be dejected lor and all has not lost yet. all the best. work is work, don't get overstress yourself as the year end holiday is approaching and you sure don't wanna ruin it with the bad mood. cheers! -HY-

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