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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The past weekend (two firsts)

It was a weekend that was all about health and beauty... and i had two first experiences of my life.

I went to see the dentist on Friday evening at Jurong East while on my way back to JB. I have not visited the dentist for more than a year already, which is really bad. I should have gone back to fix one decayed tooth after the removal of my wisdom teeth, but i never got it done. Then recently i started to feel occasional mild toothache and finally decided that i should really have the filling done.

And so, i finally had the first dental filling experience in my life, or rather, 5 fillings instead. Uh huh, the dentist identified a total of 5 teeth that showed signs of mild decay (of which 4 are the last teeth at the upper and lower jaws), which came as a shock to me because i do take care of my oral hygiene everyday, except not visiting the dentist regularly.

I was so nervous when she started the procedure. I was clenching my fists and toes the whole time, expecting it to be painful. Yet i didn't even know that it was over when it was over (like in just 20 minutes)! As the dental cleaning was done at the same time, i didn't notice that she (yes, that was a female dentist) had actually performed the teeth filling. I didn't feel anything other than gum sensitivity like we always get during dental cleaning.

Before i stepped out of the treatment room, the dentist told me to do my best to reach the back of my teeth when brushing, because it seemed like the 4 teeth at the back of the jaw might not have been cleaned thoroughly enough (this reminded me of a TV commercial where the cartoon character tilted the head back and opened the mouth like 180 degrees... too bad that i do not have such as big mouth). I told her that it was the area that is quite difficult to reach with the toothbrush, and then she told me to get a kid's toothbrush instead. And so i did.

The visit to the dentist cost me SGD400+, because each tooth filling cost SGD65. I can claim the dental expenses from the company anyway and that was why i went ahead with it even though it was rather expensive.

On Saturday, I went to do my facial in the morning and then did my hair in the afternoon. I rebonded my hair to tame the frizz, but with my hair already being fine and thin, my hairstyle is now very flat, which in turn makes me looks like a silly gal again.

The hair salon that i went to provided manicure service too, and the hair stylist convinced me to try it out while i was waiting for the rebonding chemicals to set into the hair.

And so, i had my first manicure experience.

Uh huh, as vain as i may be, i am never the girly-girl type who does all the girly-girl things. And even with this manicure, i also chose not the have any coloured nail polish but simply did a nail buffing. I guess i'm just so not cut out to be a tai-tai material.

Despite the money spent, it was an enjoyable weekend.


ah, 5 fillings are not something to brag about-lah (ok, maybe for the courage). 5 fillings, that's indeed a shock for i would runaway instead! i wonder before the treatment if your colleagues and friends ever noticed those decay technically at every molars, (and grossed by them). gosh, you're not only have bad habit of being night owl, you should pick up habit brush yor teeth clean clean and effectively too. my mom has always said, once a tooth gets hole, it won't replaceable like small kid. even filling may sound like filling/patching the decay, the process is quite a scare as the dentist would drill the enamel into bigger hole before applying the cement. It is the sound of the drill machine is the most traumatizing of all, you know, when the dentist sort of pulling back and forth the drill and not only it's near to the face but in the mouth somemore. thinking back, i never wanna listen to my sister advice anymore of visiting dentist for mild decay when the filling process actually rids the still ok natural one to be replaced with artificial, and to go through that ordeal. that if it's mild decay - save money, time and from ordeal. but unfortunately, in mid last year my wisdom tooth at the left jaw developed and cracked the adjacent tooth. after 10 years of absense i had to visit dentist unwillingly, and extracted the wisdom tooth, filled the cracked molar. but the unfortunate series didn't end there yet, i snapped a nut and cracked the right molar, which i guess stressed by the adjacent wisdom tooth. and no, after the first wisdom tooth extraction experience, i'm not going to remove the second one and i probably just have filling for the broken molar only (and still haven't done yet).

darn, i wrote one long comment again. anyway, during recovery, don't chew hard food like nuts, and be careful when chewing lor. you may consider for electric toothbrush to brush the treated teeth, and also the back of other teeth. using kodomo lion toothbrush really gives impression you are young girly girl, haha. so, this time how long would it take to have you out from being silly gal. duh, why can't you just stick to style or fashion that truly suits and belongs to you. cheers.

Actually there wasn't any drilling or whatever. Seriously, it was done very fast... imagine only about 20 minutes including cleaning. I think there were only signs of mild decay and not really that serious, but had to pay SGD65 each...

You should seriously extract the other wisdom tooth if it is impacted and affecting the adjacent tooth. Take me as a lesson - i really regretted for not removing the two wisdom teeth earlier and left them to cause problems to the adjacent teeth.

thanks for the advice. but it's many months late already. The damage is already done and my lower right molar next to the wisdom tooth cracked with big big cavity, like 50% of the tooth. the wonder is why it is not the wisdom tooth that is cracked and damaged but my useful molar instead. i have thought of removing it after i had the first extraction, but the experience of my cheek swelled really turned me off, plus the sight of nonstop blood dripping for hours and immobilized, urghh. paid the expensive surgery, and still had to go through that agony - i told myself would never go for wisdom xtraction again, but now this has happened. oh well, since the damage has been already done, i guess it wouldn't make any different removing it or not.

wah, the timestamp is 200am. hope your conference produced good result and went smoothly. don't overwork yourself, year end is coming, and pamper yourself a nice nice holiday! cheers.

To get first filling experience now I would say you have well preserved your teeth already. Hehe. But 5 is pretty scary.

Your dentist is so superb! Your company's benefit is pretty good, at least for this. dont think many Msian coy provide that! ym

Angel, getting swollen and painful cheek is normal for all wisdom tooth extraction procedure. I went through it twice... so i reckon you are more timid than i am! But you see, sometimes certain pains are necessary because it is for our own good and just so that we will be healthier. This applies to our teeth as well as life in general.

ym, in SG, dental reimbursement is quite common already. There is, however, an upper limit to my claims - SGD600 per year for dental and medical combined.

haha, you betcha - who would crazy enough to proceed for 5 fillings even though it's sponsored by company. anyway, thanks for advice, but ... er ... oh well .... time to sleep.

u may try electronic toothbrush, I'd been using it for quite few year. My concept is no matter how small the toothbrush is, it's still difficult to move in our "small" mouth, but electronic toothbrush, by using the circular action, it should be more effective.
But, friend, 5 decayed teeth? U'd broke the record again. ^-^


didn't manage the first one, but your narration on opening the mouth 180deg is comical, so i finished the latter first but was incomplete without the former... and then i don't want to delay to post it. and then i realized i made error on the dental equipment, it should have the equipments at the left side so that dentist could assess patients at right side. gosh, terrible error i made. will try to finish when got time. hmm .... and apparently i don't follow my own advice too.

gee, i think i made fun of this too much, don't get angry lor. anyway, when you're moody, feel alone, think of some comedic and funny events, maybe watch some sitcom and comedy to light yourself up. cheers.

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