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Monday, December 13, 2010

The little Christmas hat

I bought this cute little Christmas hat today from Watson.

It costs SGD5 each, and part of the proceeds will go to charity. It's the season of giving, so do get one to support the cause.

Here's a preview of me wearing the little hat.

I'm gonna wear this to the Christmas party in KL.


haha, cutie! you sure wanna do that? :)

haha! when u mentioned "little", I din expect it to be so "little". ^-^
Enjoy ur party.

but then, the hat looks a bit weird, is it just me that it looks like a broom rather than a mini triangle santa hat. i think you put it at wrong angle lah for the photoshot :). cheers.

Angel, now you made me hesitating if i should wear it to the party... but then if i don't, then i would have no chance to wear it anymore.

oops, sorry :) ! go ahead and wear it-lah and see how they comment, maybe it'll turn out POSITIVE. go pinpin go :)

post a little drawing for you :)

i surfed about the hat, i think you should really wear it to show proud of the handiwork :). just ignore my sarcasm, and don't be hesitated - always stand for what is right :). (gosh, at one hand, i thought it would ... oh well, always stand for what is right) ...

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