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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sofa sold

Took urgent leave today because i was feeling lazy and a bit unwell (menstrual discomfort again). Then at around noon time, i decided not to waste a day of leave and went out shopping at 313@Somerset.

At around 2.45pm, i received a call from a mover whom i've engaged, telling me that they would be running late by about 1.5 hours. I was shock, as i thought the move was tomorrow.

Before i continue on with the story, you must be wondering what move i was talking about. Well, i sold the sofa in my flat to ex-little boss, and i've helped to arrange for a mover (from my aunt's church friend) to move the sofa from my place to his.

YY and i had started the process of selling our flat about a month ago. A Singaporean Malay had made an offer, but we can only submit the paper to the government next month, and we will need to check the racial composition again next month in that area before we know if we are allowed to sell to this Malay guy. If it is disallowed, then we will have to look for another buyer.

Since we are selling off the flat, i am also selling off the furniture. I asked around my office and just nice that ex-little boss had recently moved to a new place and needed a sofa.

So back to my story about the incident today. I really gotta thank God for it. First of all, i remembered the day wrongly. If the mover was on time, they would only give me a call when they had arrived at my place and realised no one was there. Then i would have to rush back all the way from Somerset to Bukit Batok, and would have delayed the mover's time.

Yet, the mover was late and hence the person-in-charge gave me a call, which corrected my mistake. Then they were running late by 1.5 hours and i had ample time taking public transport to travel to Bukit Batok. And it so happened that i took urgent leave today and then decided to go out shopping, which means that i was already dressed up and ready to go anywhere. If i were at my rented place, i would probably still need some time to get dressed before i could go out (i am normally in the "just out-of-bed" shape for the entire day if i stay at "home" and not going anywhere). So, everything was in a perfect sequence.

I arrived at my flat earlier than the mover and waited for about half-an-hour. The time spent in that flat dampened my spirit, for the obvious reasons that i would probably write about in another post in another day.

Anyway, one piece of furniture settled, and a few pieces more to go. Hope we can sell off the other pieces successfully.


ah, why such 大头虾...but then, it was wednesday, wasn't the buyer also working that day? gee, don't be forgetful-lor next time. better take care of your health and sleep early to avoid such amnesia. cheers.

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