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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The past weekend and low productivity

Basically i did nothing much over the weekend, as usual, even though it was the weekend of my favourite festival.

My family and i went to our church's Christmas dinner on Saturday night. I was having mild migraine since Saturday afternoon (uh huh, i woke up around noon time) and so i stayed at home until it was time for the dinner. Then on Sunday, it was just the usual - church service in the morning and then returned to SG after the service.

It was actually quite a boring Christmas Day for me this year, but i had peace in my heart that day despite the headache. For that, i am grateful.

And with the end of Christmas season, the year is winding up soon too. The office has been awfully quiet and there were lesser emails too everyday. Many people are on long holiday, and so is my boss.

As such, i am not really being productive at work. I think it's not just me, but everyone is having low productivity for these few weeks. In fact, i think everyone has been having this festive mood since the start of December and it will not pass until we enter the new year, when we will all get busy again.

The low productivity is not only on work but extended to my personal life too. I had planned to go shopping for some nice outfits over these two weeks while the sales are still on in both SG and JB, but i am having low energy to do anything. I don't feel like blogging, i am lazy to check my FB, and i'm also even tired of talking to anyone. I wonder if there is a thing called "year-end blues"? If there is, i'm probably having one.


Haha! Then u r not the only one having this so called "year-end blues". I'm also "non productive" for this christmas leh!
having dinner with family on Christmas eve, then go to church together. on Sat & sun, stay at home, watching series of Christmas Special TV Programme & surf net.
That's how I spent my Christmas. ^-^

huh! how come like this one?!

i have hoped that you had a nice gathering in church and fun outings with friends and familiies, great christmas before the year's end ... sigh ... so much of the merry merry christmas everyone has wished to you. nevermind-lor, like you said, you've gotten good enough of rest :), er ... that was not really an encouraging words. too much of sleep probably made you headache. perhaps you might read the books you have bought in previous shopping therapy to clear your mind :), or watch some nice tv serial dramas. gosh, my head full of dull activities only.

come on pinpin, don;t corrupt your mind with all the low energy thoughts (go drink chicken essense to revitalize yourself) and let the year-end blues gets into you (cross cross finger). don't be lazy lah. hmm, since there's not so much of work related activity, what if you use this opportunity to build new interest, i.e photography of christmas trees/decor in SG/JB malls, recipe to bake nice cake/cookie for 2011, play nice nice song with guitar, write short and funny story, solving rubik puzzle, haha, this time nerdy ideas.

actually i did not much fun either - i stayed at home, watched TV, listened to radio and surfed net, engaged some crappy things throughout the holiday. maybe i should reserve all the advices above to myself too, haha. i really hate monday, i wish i could continue staying at home than to drag myself to work, especially the so called shutdown week did not materialize. by the way, christmas and new year fell on saturday, shouldn't there should be days off for you? hope you will have a wonderful great weekend holiday ahead with your friends. cheers! -HY-

it's NEW YEAR eve, and also public holiday (i love malaysia, don't you think so, hehe) ... here's the last card for you "this year" -
http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7650/newyearf.jpg hmm, i think i overdo on this one .. and though i've already wished you twice already ... anyway - HAPPY NEW YEAR (still got 5 hours time). hope you have a great time with your family and friends.

actually this should come together with a strip, unfortunately i don't think i'm good enough to finish it on time, so i sent the card first, and stay tuned for the next one. time flies - 2010 is over soon, and there's prophecy saying that world's gonna end in 2012 (oh, crap). so, let's wish year 2011 will be a wondrous year for everyone! especially to you pinpin, things will turn out to be better, be positive!

find the pinpin is lovely? you may add your own caption on it ;) - http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/9069/happyd.png. have a nice celebration - today and tomorrow. aah, thanks for letting me making "fun" of your life, and i'm so to continue it for next year. cheers :) -HY-

hehe. here's the last one for the year 2011 wish.

it's supposed to come together with the card one, so it was 2 (or 1) days late, sigh .. hmm nevermind-lah, a wish is still a wish, though it's belated. hope you have a great wonderful year ahead,less crying like what in the chart (ok, i've exaggerated it, don't get angry-lor). i know, this year's gonna be a "special" one, but anyway, instead of letting sadness overtaking the soul, let's march the year with feeling of triumph, joy and cheers , and new chapter of life. you can do it, pinpin. cheers! -HY- (gee,i posted too many comments on this space ..)

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