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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick update

Totally enjoyed myself last weekend. The Christmas party was a blast, and i had lots of food and laughter.

But since then, i've been feeling a little bit unwell. No no, i'm not sick. It's just that i'm feeling extremely tired, as if all the energy was drained from my body. I think it's probably due to the late nights.

So, i will not blog about last weekend now but to go to bed and hopefully i will feel better when i wake up tomorrow morning.


glad to hear that you have enjoyable weekend! hmm, i guess your team building masterplan is GREAT success then, wonder if the other bosses would jealous about it.

wait ... this looks similar. you're not going to rickroll your fans again? .... nevermind-lah, take your time, health is more important. ah, next weekend is xmas already, and next next week is new year, so having fun is more priority than scribling your blog lor :) cheers, and enjoy the holidays!

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