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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas gifts for colleagues

Finally, i've gotten the remaining two gifts for the other two team members.

The gifts were specially picked for each of them, based on what i think may be useful for them. Out of the four, i was not sure of what the new guy likes and hence i could only get a safe (but may not be useful) gift - two coffee/tea mugs (for him and his wife).

Someone told me that gifts such as mugs and photo frame are corny, but then when you really do not know what to get, that's probably the safest (yet lacks creativity). At least there is still a possibility that the person who receives the gift may use it one day.

Anyway, it is the thought that counts. Hope they will appreciate the thoughts even if they do not like the gifts. I will also distribute the chocolates to the other colleagues in the department tomorrow.

Can't wait to play Santa Clause tomorrow.


haha, compare to your boss, you got plus point here - at least you get something that's gonna be used! not bad-lah, even it might be dull with a mug, at least one could not miss to use it anyway, and you are thoughtful enough to buy another for his wife somemore. darn, the more i read about this story, the more i wish if i only have boss like you instead of the one i have now who keeps asking me status of my work... i'm so jealous of your team members! and i even didn't receive any xmas present as gratitude from my ex-boss (and ex-director/ex-VP/ex-CEO) in my ex-company after 6 years of "slavery" (except for farewell lunch, grrr ....) .

wah, so many gifts! looks they will attract kind of attention. how are you going to transport them also is a wonder! gee, you probably have raised the bar, and you make other bosses from other department look kiamsap .....

enjoy the GREAT day, miss santa!

still 4 days ahead, hmm, here's wishing pinpin (of course your friends, and some loyal blogreaders too) a joyous merry CHRISTMAS, and happy wondrous NEW YEAR 2011. make sure you are really joyous and merry on that special day-lor, and there is no reason you should not be :). betcha you have a great enjoyable time in last weekend gathering :). of course, not to be missed, a christmas card for you, your friend, anybody chance upon this drawing -
yeah, i know it's kind of lame, the original one i put in more characters
Unfortunately, after i colored all the characters and ready for the background - the file got corrupted during saving. and when i tried to restore the backup one, it corrupted that file too. so my nice-nice work was done for ... i was dumbstruck for 5-10 minutes, think hard to find ways to restore them, and eventually i gave up (the files were overwritten, i'm ok with programming but not with IT stuff, and no, i'm not using photoshop but other tools). yeah, i don't have never say die attitude to color them all again, so i only focus on the main cute sweetie girl lor - excuses and excuses ... but then, probably that hang was a blessing because i would not able to finish the card in time together with the background, xmas tree. actually, i don't have talent in arts. i drew on paper, with lots of mistakes like eyes too big, heads too big, one arm/leg longer than the other, eyes not symmetry. i have to rely on graphical software tool to fix the mess. the point i want to make is even you berated you don;t have talent in this and that (except writing, obviously), with today's great technology, hey, you could do the things what you have dreamed about, haha. if you put your mind into it, you can accomplish anything (that's quote in back to the future, though).

ok, i know the card is lame, and i so failed in making an animated one. so here's one professional work from 123greetings.com to light up your day!

let's wish the year 2011 will be wonderful year for everybody! stay cheers, and be happy smiling pinpin (thruout the year)!


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