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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I spent over SGD300 online buying books during the Christmas sales period. Uh huh, everywhere was having sales sales sales, even the online bookstores.

I ordered three books from a SG based online bookstore, OpenTrolley. Two were delivered on 23rd Dec and one is on back order.

The timing was just right because one of the books (Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?) was my Christmas gift for LF.

The books are cheaper than those selling at bookstore, and there was free delivery during the Christmas sales period.

The other online bookstore is UK based The Book Depository, and i bought 7 books from there. Two were delivered today.

The prices of the books are in USD, but after currency conversion, the books are still cheaper. I also managed to find books that i could not find in the bookstores here. And the best part is that i do not need to carry those heavy books back by MRT. The books are delivered to my doorstep without charges! Yes, delivery is free even though the books are heavy and from overseas!

These bookstores really beat Amazon, which does not deliver to Singapore or Malaysia and the customers gotta pay for the shipping cost.

I believe i will be patronising these bookstores very often from now on.


haha! I saw something I can borrow liao! ^-^

ah, when you posted this here, wouldn't it be no more a xmas gift, since the gift is revealed. and peanuts, you must have collected all the volumes already :).

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