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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Counting down to a vacation

Uh huh, i am going for a vacation soon - Thursday to be exact.

LF, PT and i are going to Japan! Woohoo!!!

There was a flight ticket promotion on an online travel website back in November. We took some time discussing about it and missed the promotion. Then i managed to find another website with similar promotion and we grabbed it this time. The round trip ticket from Singapore to Japan on Cathay Pacific only cost SGD584. What a bargain!

So, as we are counting down to the trip, we are also busy making preparation. All hotels and flights were booked, and simple itinerary planned:

13/1 - Flight from Singapore to Haneda Airport
14/1 - Tokyo
15/1 - Mount Fuji
16/1 - Tokyo
17/1 - Flight from Tokyo to Sapporo (札幌), Hokkaido
18/1 - Otaru (小樽)
19/1 - Sapporo
20/1 - Flight from Sapporo back to Tokyo
21/1 - Return to Singapore

We will be seeing Siang in Japan for the first time, after she married there for so many years. Yay!

We are now doing research to plan out the detailed itinerary, while also busy getting ready the stuff for the trip. It is extremely cold now in Japan, especially Hokkaido. I got all my winter clothing in from JB over the weekend, and will be doing my packing carefully.

As it was quite a long trip, and also we will be commuting by public transport, it is best to use a big backpack instead of normal luggage. I do not have a big rucksack and had borrowed from a colleague. However, i hope to get one of my own since i do plan to do a couple more of backpacking trips. This is the "something" that i have been looking for all over Singapore over this past week. Unfortunately, i have yet to get one because those that i like are too expensive (over SGD300) while those that are within my budget do not fit my needs. I only have two more days to look for one, otherwise i'll just use the one that my colleague had lent me (even though i am very tempted to just pay the price and invest in a good backpack).

Three of us met up last weekend to go through the travel plan together and we decided to split the work. Each of us will plan for the detailed itinerary for one city, and mine is Otaru. I have yet to do the research. Am kinda busy at work, as i need to clear off some of the crucial outstanding tasks before i can go on a vacation without worries. But the problem is that i am so excited about the trip that i am having tough time concentrating on my job!

Anyway, i must really work hard to get the things done before the trip. Ganbatte!


woh woh - that's awesome! i thought the "event" was something else, but didn't know is this great! (so envious, but these days the air ticket is really cheap ~~). hmm, be sure don't be a 大头虾 to forget your spectacles, and the camera battery+charger is in working order, and other checklist items too (the passport!). and make sure you ENJOY totally the holiday, and you should be!

japan's bullet train according to my friend is great ride. tokyo is famous for electronic items, and hokkaido is famous for milk chocolate. hmm, what about osaka where it famous for japanese castles! where is this otaru by the way. i'm so expecting a great blog on the vacation after this - wait .. ah never mind about the queue. HAPPY HOLIDAY, cheers and ganbatte to you :D

Enjoy. MUST take lots of nice photos oh!

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