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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

First late night from work

Left office at around 9.45pm and am on the cab now. Gee, just the first day of work for year 2011 and I'm already working late.

Actually I only have myself to blame. The work is actually not that much; it's just that I am having a slow start after the long unproductive period. I guess it will take me some time to get back to action, but I won't have such luxury since there are already lots of work in the pipeline.

On an unrelated note, the sale of my flat has been confirmed after the property agent checked with HDB on the racial composition. The following months will be busy with the various processing of the sale.


according to newton's law of inertia energy is required to change against the initial state of an object as there's resistance adhere to it. so, you are absolutely normal. oh wait, you mean you worked late?! hmm, must kick off that procrastination habit. go, go pinpin, all the best, but don't be overly stress in what happened in 2010-lor. cheers.

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