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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 1 11

Actually i am rather busy to update the blog, but i gotta write something just so that i can have all the 1s in the title. After all, there are only twice in my life time to have 5 ones in the dates. I wouldn't wanna miss it.

Anyway, i still couldn't get a new backpack even though i've gone to many places around Singapore. It seems like i will be travelling with my colleague's backpack this time.

Just one more day to go and we will be in snowy land! Woohoo!


oh no, how can i forget such auspicious day!! you should post the blog on 11:11:11 (morning), then you would have all 11 ones! come to think of it, year 2011 is your first trip to the land of rising sun.

HAPPY HOLIDAY! enjoy the trip :D

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