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Saturday, January 29, 2011

HDB unit sold

I was on leave today, as i needed to go to HDB for our first appointment for the HDB unit sale process. That was the reason why i didn't stay in KL for the entire workweek like i usually do.

The processing was done within an hour or so, and the second appointment is scheduled to be on 11-March, which will be the day that the entire sale process is complete and we hand over the keys to the buyer. This means that we have about a month or so to vacate the unit. I will have to take care of the furniture in the house as soon as possible, whether to bring back to JB, to sell them off, or to give away.

As the agent thought that the marriage cert was required, she had told us to bring it along. So last night, i had to get it out from the drawer where it was buried deep inside, and as you might have expected, i opened it up and had a look... and then i felt sad.

You know, the irony of it just ate me up. It's the same with going to HDB - just a few years back, we were there as buyers, processing the purchase of the unit, with our hearts filled with joy and anticipation of a blissful future together. Now, bit-by-bit, it's like playing a tape in reverse mode. I have a feeling as if i am living my life backwards. First living alone again, then get rid of the house, and next will be back to "single" status again. Little-by-little, i am "undoing" the milestones in my life.

Yet, there is no such thing as "undo" in life, even though i wish there is. Undo is to have the things erased and as if it never happened; things are just back to before. But as i am reversing the things in my life, it can never get back to where it was before. Whatever happened had happened, and nothing, NOTHING is ever the same again. Things have changed, i have changed, he has changed, and life has changed. Everything will still continue to change, and i could only hope... no no, i could only ensure that the change is for the better.

Anyway, back to the sale of our HDB unit. There should be some proceeds from the sales even though not a huge sum. I don't think i'd be left with too much cash, especially after settling all the debts.

Oh well, i am not looking at earning profit out of the property anyway. My aim is just to get rid of it without the need to scoop out any money. Anything extra is a bonus to me. Therefore i am really grateful for getting a positive sale of the property within such short time.

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another meaning of "undo" which listed in edit menu is to back out errors and make correction. it's not good analogy since things had happened and it would not be the same again, life's obviously not like the undo in computers.what i'm trying to emphasis, like you said - change for the better (and throw away the worse)!

you will do good, girl. as you have mentioned, this and subsequent years are gonna be great, and please keep that in mind. goodness will seek for you if you continue to see light in yourself. have faith of yourself. family, friends, blog readers and even God all don't bear to see you continue to fill with sadness.

life sometimes is irony
but that's how you to see
so pinpin, start thinking positively
for all wants to see you happy


nothing is gonna be the same again, not even the status... we can no longer be considered as single, but divorce!

u r SA, single and available.

Yes, our marital status will be "divorced" and not "single"... and we will be labelled as "divorcee" for the rest of our life.

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