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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy week

It was as if this blog was back to hiatus. It has been a hectic week back at work after my long vacation and hence the lack of updates.

Anyway, here's a short updates of what i did over the past few days.

Monday: Flew to KL early morning. Distributed the gifts i bought from Japan for the colleagues in KL. I got a souvenir for each of my team member and little brother. For the rest of the colleagues, i just bought a big pack of Japanese tidbits to be shared by everyone.

I've not gotten any CNY outfits yet and had thought i could get it while i was in KL. So i went shopping on Monday evening even though i was dead tired. Didn't get anything in the end though.

Tuesday: Big boss was in KL too. He asked ex-little boss (who was in KL too), the manager in KL and me to have dinner together. We had western cuisine and the food was nice, but it was already 10pm+ when i got back to the hotel. It was another late night for me again.

Wednesday: We had department dinner as the "round-up meal of CNY" (收工酒). The food was so-so, but little brother and i had a fun time checking out each other's compact camera (he has a LUMIX).

Thursday: Big boss did the yearly performance review with me. I will write more about the appraisal in another post. I took the last flight back to SG and it was already 11pm by the time i reached my rented place.

So, all in all, i've been having serious sleep deprivation since the week before the vacation. I was busy going around places looking for backpack and rushing to finish up the outstanding work before the holiday. Then during the trip, we had minimal sleep everyday for staying out late almost every night. And now for the first week that i'm back, i'm still not having sufficient sleep everyday.

I'm just glad that it's weekend now and CNY holiday is just a few days away. I really need to have a good rest.


hey, hey, CNY is not for rest you know. it's about celebration, friends + families gathering, and food too. better have good enough of rest now and then full blast during the holiday, especially when this year CNY spans to the weekend somemore ;). well, to put another way, at least the lack of sleep is not because of paranoid from work stress but fun, dinners, positive stuffs. and might induce nice sweet sweet dream too, especially if when you got immediately into slumber after all the exhaustion :). you better have the alarm with snooze so you won't get overslept lor (that happened to me last week, haha). all and all, please take care of your health, and adequate sleep period of time, don't let the dark circles grow bigger - you are not panda.

wish your appraisal is a positive one, otherwise shoot your boss that you worked until health disorder, no fair no fair. you really worked hard, yes you do. not only you are dedicated and reliable, you're such empathetic too - christmas got gifts, vacation also got gifts ..... wonder if the colleagues from other department are envious with you as boss. 加油, don't let down yourself, and your teammates too.

my bad, no drawings for the past weekends :( coz buzy with something. these days sure a lot of events.

so, at the end, who wins - canon or lumix ^_^ .. cheers.

ah, CNY is next (still got 3 days time ^_^ ). and so ... tada

hmm, very difficult-lah, CNY without red or purple is quite not festive lor - you sure you are not going to wear these colors durring celebration ^_^. i wonder if pinpin gonna show her calligraphic stroke 农历新年快乐 to her fans :)

still remember you and your friends in a great project :) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiROJHggdY8&feature=player_embedded. time sure flies, but no matter how long, friendship is forever.

wishing pinpin a happy prosperous new year, with all good fortunes keep on coming and coming. hey, i don't wanna encourage you to job hop-lah. and also, stop being melancholy and pull long face, stay cheerful like bunny (actually i wanted to draw you compare with bunny one, but didn't have time ler ... sorry). cheers. don't sleep late! :D - HY-

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