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Monday, January 24, 2011

Unpacked and packed again

It isn't Monday yet and i'm getting the blues already.

Sigh, i can't believe that my 9-day vacation has ended just like that, and it's back to work tomorrow - in KL.

Uh huh, i've just packed my luggage again for flying to KL tomorrow morning. Just unpacked my luggage on Friday night and then gotta packed again just now. Seriously, this is very tiring.

Again, i probably won't be posting any pictures or blog about the Japan trip any time soon. As previously mentioned, FB gets the priority now when it comes to posting up the pictures. Anyway, to sum up the trip in simple words - there were lost lots of shopping & eating, and some sight-seeing.

As a treat to whoever reads my blog, here's a video clip taken by PT during the trip. We were walking in the snow in Sapporo, Hokkaido.


"lost" of shopping & eating, and some sight-seeing. oh, it's typo :). hmm, you're sure really in the rush, wonder if you got jetlag too, oh my, oh my...

let me guess, the white "ninja" outfit must be you, haha, well, that's because between the ladies, she's the taller one, so she must be pinpin. reminds me that last 6 mths ago my colleague visited hokkaido and he belanja us the famous hokkaido nice white chocolates+candies+cookies. i'm sure your colleagues are eager for the treats.

cheers. don't overwork yourself and have good rest (esp right after the nice vacation). ah, CNY is at the corner-lor too.. :D.

hahahaha...you're really a genius!!!!

Angel, yes, the white ninja is me. You are very smart to recognise me by the height. And yeah, we also bought a lot of the famous chocolates from Hokkaido too.

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