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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

End of holidays

It's back to work tomorrow.

Finally, it's really the end of holiday seasons - Christmas, New Year, vacation in Japan, and then Chinese New Year. That's two long months of low productivity. I really gotta get rid of the holiday mood and get back to work - i mean seriously work. It's gonna be a busy year for me, or at least that's what boss had planned.

Over the CNY holidays, i've not been doing much. Other than visiting relatives on the 1st day and the gathering with my friends yesterday, i spent all of my time at home, uploading pictures and videos to FB and reading novels i downloaded to iPhone. I slept at 4am or even 5am and woke up in the afternoon everyday. Uh huh, it has been a very unhealthy CNY holiday for me.

So i guess it serves me right that i woke up with splitting headache this morning and am down with fever now. Uh huh, just measured the temperature and it was 37.9 degree C. Darn, i guess i had a tad too much of the heaty CNY goodies and irregular sleeping hours. I only have myself to blame for being sick now.

Anyway, will pop two Panadol and go to bed early today. Hope i will get all well by tomorrow morning.


Thanks for your hard work, so we r able to watch such beautiful photos and video clip.
Please take care, have plenty of water and rest yoh!
To me, CNY is not over yet.
Have to wait until after "chingay" oh! ^-^

4 - 5am bedtime, gosh, that was really unhealthy of you lor. if that happens to me, my mum will sure bug me. don't hesitate to visit clinic and MC (though it's gonna be busy days ahead) if the fever doesn't go away, that's not something to trifle with. Sleep early, give health higher priority than work. if you are not healthy, you will not be at top form and unable to deliver best result. And drink more water too.

hmm, i trust you certainly can get away with the post-holiday blues-lor at instant, it would be just like how you rid the addiction of playing FB games. keep it up, pinpin, the next pit stop is in april - good friday! it's gonna be great and amazing plus prosperous rabbit year ahead for you, so don't get melancholy that often :). oh, btw it's so intriguing of your friend Sui's comment on the beautiful photos, indeed. oh well, never mind that. cheers :), and take care! (gee, i have a bad feeling that i ruined your holiday by wishing overly too much .....).


hmmph, really late for this, it must be due to quite some time i didn't put up comics already. anyway, hope you get back the momentum to produce great work. and have a nice day in kl, and successful workshop :). cheers.

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