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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I am feeling rather melancholy these few days.

No, it is not PMS. I have just had my menses actually, unless the "P" in PMS stands for "post" rather than "pre".

I'm not sure if the rain had anything to do with my gloomy mood (thank God that the rain has finally stopped after two days!), but it sure didn't help when i gotta commute to office with public transport in the wet weather.

I think i know the real cause for me being in such low spirit. It must be PBB - Pre Birthday Blues.

Yes, at my age, it has become a day to be dreaded. Just less than 10 minutes more to go... sigh...


9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .....
here's my simple humble flash card for you girl ------


got sound one, so get yourself a headphone :) wait a minute, swf doesn't work on iphone, oh no, ...... i just realize it (no, no i still don't have iphone)! btw, to rewind once finished, just choose play from the pop up menu (right click).

hope it does really CHEER you up. be happy, pinpin. hehe, sure there gonna be more to celebrate your birthday at day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

eh, how could it be like this? reality could be harsh, i understand, but it depends how you to see it and to turn it around. and, it's your BIRTHDAY! be optimistic and positive and don't let the mood eats you up. don't think too much of the bad unwanted things when you supposed to be surrounded with goodness. cheer up, don't be sad especially on your birthday. tomorrow, no, today is your day and there gonna be a celebration for it.

oh maybe that's because of your holiday is over so soon. try to plan more upcoming holidays-lor, and more activities with your friends that won't cause you to sink into melancholy. think of funny and happy events, incidents with your friends that makes you laugh even a little that helps to break the mood. i might be writing without substance and impact, but just to let you know that many out there wants you to be happy.

cheers. again, happy birthday. -HY-

Thanks, angel. I am absolutely impressed by the flash card. Making flash animation was something that i've thought of learning a few years back but never really put my heart into learning it. You are really talented!

It was a great gift for me to start off my birthday. Really appreciate it. :)

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