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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

It's gonna be the year of rabbit in just another hour. Here's my personalised greeting card, wishing everyone a happy CNY:

(Again, thanks angel for it)

Ok, now that we got the greeting out of the way, i'm gonna rant about today. I am quite pissed about the reunion dinner tonight.

Since grandma has moved back to JB, my family decided that the reunion dinner this year should be held in JB instead of SG. My SG aunt, uncle and cousin came into JB together with me when my mom picked me up this afternoon.

The dinner was to be held at the other uncle's house in Kulai. Actually this uncle is the elder son and has always been my grandma's favourite child among the other 7 children. Yet, my grandma had been staying with my SG uncle all the while, and this Kulai uncle has never really taken care of my grandma.

The wife of my Kulai uncle is also a bad daughter-in-law. She is the kind of woman who wants the husband to treat her own family very well and yet does not treat the husband's family the same way. I admit that i have quite a low opinion of her.

Anyway, the reunion dinners in SG for all those past years had always been quite enjoyable. I always got the reunion feeling where all the family members cooked and ate together, chatting and laughing away.

Tonight, there wasn't such feeling at all. It was just as if we were invited to the uncle's house for a casual dinner.

Before the dinner, my aunt and mom were busy preparing the food in the kitchen and my uncle's wife did not help out at all. She was bathing her dogs outside the house.

Then at dinner time, she did not join us for dinner despite my uncle asked her to come for meal a few times. She just sat in the living room and said she would eat later. True enough, she had her dinner alone AFTER we all had already finished our meal.

And for the entire evening that i was there, my two cousins (i.e. her two children) were up in their room the whole time. They did not come downstairs to greet any of us, nor join us for dinner. The parents actually did not tell the kids to come down and allowed them to do so!

Seriously, what kind of reunion dinner it is if everyone is to eat separately?

Just half-an-hour after the dinner, SG uncle and family, my mom and i left and headed home. This was the first time that we ended our CNY eve together so early. Frankly, we just didn't feel the joyful feeling at all. It was just the kind of eat-and-go dinner. I feel it's pointless.

Anyway, we will still have to go there again tomorrow for "official" CNY visit. We are doing it for grandma's sake. (I will have to distribute angpao to the cousins, but if the two still hide in their rooms tomorrow when i'm there, then they can forget about it. I am NOT gonna just pass it to their parents like my SG uncle did.)

Oh well, at least i get to wear the new clothes tomorrow; I didn't manage to get any nice dress and so will just have to wear the simple t-shirts and jeans that i got from Japan.

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wah, calm down, calm down. it's not good leh to be disgruntled on the eve , spoilt the fun (though it's just, er, casual dinner). sorry of being kepoh (which i have always been), the way you described was like your uncle never had reunion dinner with your family before this. whatever it is,don't let such event to jeopardize the celebration lor. don't easily get upset, and sometimes just give in to the elders especially on such occasion lor ( too naive leh?) . cousins won't receive angpau when they don't meet you, you're really too harsh. maybe you organize mahjong or blackjack session and they will probably get down. generation y kids, eh, they couldn't be kids anymore, haha. people will start to change and learn to respect when they are exposed to adult working world and mix with society. but then, probably it would be better if they don't meet you for the angpaus .... hope the visit went smoothly. let me guess again, it's not gonna be red, pink and purple for your new shirt :).

ah, just to let you know if you get the wrong impression, i did not write the words on the scroll, in fact i copy and paste from google. i can't produce such beautiful caligraphic characters, so i thought you would produce one instead on your blog, at least 福,hehe. how i'm to celebrate CNY, it used to be gambling and gambling , no no it's not in genting or SG resort but in friend's gathering, from one gathering to another. but that's gonna to change already. since moved back from SG, did not apply leaves for CNY, and the passionate to collect angpau replaced with being pai-seh. argh, i hate being adult. oh well, this year probably just to visit friends for their mandarin oranges and pistachios.

Happy happy Chinese New Year and prosperous rabbit year! cheers, gong xi gong xi :)

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