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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy at work

Today when chatting with mom in the car on our way back from SG to JB, she mentioned that one of my aunts (who is the headmistress of a primary school) is always working because she has so much work to do from school and can never finishes her work. Then i told mom that work can never be finished; otherwise there will be no need for the position anymore.

Well, i guess the same could be said about me.

It has been rather busy at work. There is gonna be a finance workshop in KL next week and my team have to take charge for two days of the five-day session. The IT department has to be involved in the workshop because the workshop is about standardising the processes for finance system and my team in charge of the finance system.

Uh huh, this means that i'll be in KL for the whole of next week again, but i will be flying off on Sunday night since i gotta be in the KL office on Monday early morning to run through the materials with the gals.

The agenda of the workshop was only out on Wednesday and i had to quickly discuss with my team and rush for the presentation materials. I had to split the job with the other two consultants and it will be us, the three gals, taking turn doing the presentation again. Fortunately our sessions will be on Wednesday and Thursday, and so we still have two days next week for the preparation.

However, i was allocated with half-an-hour slot on Monday to talk about the new version of the system as part of the introduction. I've not decided what to talk about yet and hence the slides weren't ready yet. Am certainly under a bit of stress now.

Anyway, i don't intend to do it now. I guess i should let my mind have a bit of rest after a week of hard work, and perhaps then i can think better and be more productive.

I am just glad that it is weekend already.


oh no, i'm super late!!! i'm supposed to post this up yesterday, well, if this manages to bring you smile (a bit) and charge up your motivation for upcoming stress before you are offline, aha. here's a card for you to wish a very successful workshop tomorrow and coming week. this one -

ah, this is the one :-

keep it up, gal, expect you have a great smooth performance :). hope you have fully recovered from fever, and there's nothing to hold you back from giving the best.

work can never be finished, but should manage it to controllable level :). hmm, your bro is bad, he made you cry with the clips when you are not supposed to be, at least for this great rabbit year 2011. perhaps i should not write it here, but, please be strong gal, do not cry tomorrow because of feeling grief. be focus on your work and whenever you are sad, think of funny things (from snoopy) and events (vacation trip??) that makes you smile and laugh. by the way, tuesday is holiday in kl, so hopefuly you'll enjoy yourself and relief stress, and your teammates too. and don't overstress yourself, take care of yourself. oops, sorry for drawing your mouth too big and ugly shoes .... don't marah-marah oh :). cheers.

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